World Press Freedom Day


As a photojournalist I have experienced harassment and most worrying incident was when attacked by government security officers when covering a story where locals were protesting arrest of a police officer who was allegedly being held for killing criminals. It was shocking! That they clobbered me for doing my job? I will never understand how.

“Every day journalists around the world face threats, intimidation and are attacked for doing their jobs. Some lose their freedom and even their lives in this dangerous profession. So far in 2015, 44 journalists have died in the line of work. According to Reporters Without Borders, there are currently at least 158 journalists imprisoned around the world,” Al Jazeera.

Every day I wake up, I look forward free any kind of disruptions and most importantly a day that I will be able to do all that I can without watching over my shoulder. It is futile to kill a messenger since the message, truth, will and must reveal itself no matter how long it will have to wait. Someday sometime it will come out and the whole world will know! So my fellow journalists let’s keep doing what we love doing!! I will keep clicking!


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